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Deniz Shad Food Industry offers Diaz.

Twin cake (3)

Oil cake (3)

jelly (1)

Evening cake (3)

زیلداس شکلات
Introducing Gildas Company

With the best and highest quality products

By using the best and freshest ingredients available in the market, Gildas brand has produced quality and valuable products in terms of nutritional value and has been able to attract customers’ satisfaction to its products in its many years of activity. All products of Gildas company are cooked and prepared in compliance with hygiene principles. The variety of products of this brand is as follows:

انواع کیک


Production of evening and

twin cakes



 Production of colorful and delicious Smarties

کرم کاکائو

Breakfast cocoa

Production of cocoa cream for breakfast



Production of jelly with different flavors